Angel Sign

Drama, Music | Release: 2019 Completed

Director: Tsukasa Hojo
Executive Producer: Nobuhiko Horie
Cast: Nao Matsushita, Dean Fujioka, Naoto Ogata

The live-action movie “Angel Sign”, the directorial debut of City Hunter and Cat’s Eye creator Tsukasa Hojo, is a cinematic adaptation of SILENT MANGA AUDITION®’s award winning entries from Asia, Europe and South America. Selected from among 6888 manga, from 108 countries and regions around the world, the movie is a feature length anthology, bookended by two original works penned by Tsukasa Hojo himself.
Aika, a cellist and pianist Takaya. These exceptional musicians forged a loving relationship, strengthen with their shared dream of “moving the world through music”. Juggling a part-time job with his musical commitments, Takaya dedicates his free time to creating a musical score under the watchful eye of his true love, Aika. After pouring his heart and soul into his work, Takaya finally finishes a musical masterpiece called “Angel Sign”, just before succumbing to tragedy. Overwhelmed with heartache at the loss of Takaya, his love Aika finds solace in performing “Angel Sign”. The delicate music not only soothes Aika’s heart, but all who hear it, enacting a series of miraculous events throughout the world…