Werewolf Game – Master of Death Game

Thriller | Release: 2020 Completed Director: Ryo Kawakami
Producer: Tadashi Iwabuchi, Hiroyuki Ogasawara

Cast: Yuki Ogoe, Ken Nakajima, Uchikuri Uchikura, Nozomi Hanayagi, Akane Sakanoue, Momoka, Fuyuna Asakura, Akiho Moriyama, Reira Hoshi, Suzu Yamanouchi


This is the eighth live-action movie adaptation of the popular series “Werewolf Game,” which has sold a total of 1.5 million copies of its original novels and comicalizations. Forced to participate in a life-or-death werewolf game, a group of high school students must outwit each other to win a prize of 100 million yen.

For the first time, this film draws back the curtain on the operators of the game. The expectations of the participants and operators collide, leading to a thrilling, double-layered battle of wits!


A deadly werewolf game. Participants are gathered over the Internet or by kidnapping, with wealthy gamblers betting illegally on who will be the winner. Masamune  (Yuki Ogoe ) works as one of the game’s operators, but he is distressed to see that the participants include Yuzuki Natsume  (Momoka), a high school girl whom he used to tutor.

“I want to save her. I don’t care if the bosses kill me.” That thought spurs Masamune into action. With help from his fellow operator Kotaro (Ken Nakajima), Masamune desperately tries to give Yuzuki advice on the other participants’ roles, the werewolves’ next targets, and what lies she should tell. Can he guide her to victory without attracting the attention of the other operators or the audience?