Last Ninja Red Shadow / Blue Shadow

Authentic Ninja Movie with Japanese Director and Japanese Action Supervisor, Finally Released!!
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Action | Release: Red – Oct 18th / Blue – Nov 8th 2020 Completed

Director: Yoshitaka Yamaguchi (“Neko Samurai”)
Stun Coordinator: Taku Sakaguchi (“Kingdom”)
Screenplay: Ichiro Ryu
Cast: Kanichiro, Kousei Yuki, Mayu Yamaguchi

Behind the scenes of well-known historical events, there was an elaborate espionage campaign which took place. The names of the patriots and of their courageous acts during the final days of the Tokugawa shogunate are etched in the pages of history. However, we do not know of the nameless ninjas.

Red Shadow Synopsis:

In the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate, the era in which the samurai rule is about to end. Those who were called ninja, had become obsolete. Ryu (Kanichiro) is a descendant of the ‘Genin’, which is the lowest level in a ninja clan, but is now become a fugitive ninja living in Edo. One day, Kaishu Katsu (Kanji Tsuda) discovers Ryu’s origin, scouts him and assigns him a secret mission. The mission is, ‘To recapture Shizu (Mayu Yamaguchi) – princess of the Satsuma Domain who is to be wed in Edo, and send her back to her Domain.’ Soon, Sho (Kousei Yuki) – a mysterious practitioner of Ryukyu martial arts is dispatched as a pursuer from the Satsuma Domain.

Last Ninja Red Shadow Trailer

Blue Shadow Synopsis:

The final days of the Tokugawa shogunate. In an age in which the lives of the common people are threatened by the violent acts of feudal warriors of the Satsuma Domain who are aiming to overthrow the shogunate. Sho (Kousei Yuki) – a practitioner of Ryukyu martial arts, drifted to Edo which was covered in a disquieting air, after having a dispute with Takamasa (Takamasa Suga) – a Satsuma Domain feudal warrior. One day, Sho meets Sen (Saya Mikami) – a girl who is sold to a brothel. However, in her shadow he finds Takamasa who wishes to spur on the disturbance in Edo with the command of Takamori Saigo. After the fateful reunion, a blue-white flame was lit in Sho’s heart. And seeing that flame, Kaishu Katsu (Kanji Tsuda) gives Sho a secret mission to work as a fire starter to change the era.

Last Ninja Blue Shadow Trailer