Black Maiden Chapter Q / Chapter A

Chapter A Answers all your Qestions in Chapter Q!!

Horror | Release: Q – May 31st 2019 / A – Aug j16th 2019 Completed

Director: Sakichi Sato (“Gozu”, “Tokyo Zombie”)
Screenplay: Sakichi Sato
Cast: Nana Asakawa (“Kaguya-sama Love is War”), Kana Kita (“Penguin Highway”)

Chapter Q synopsis

Mei has grown up in an orphanage, but is to be adopted by the kind and wealthy Uda family. The family already has another foster daughter, Rana, of the same age.
Rana is an eccentric girl who believes that “the earth will be destroyed by a meteorite strike”. But when Mei and Rana get to know each other, they realize that even their birthdays and hobbies are the same, and they become as close as true sisters. One day, the head of the family tells them that the family business has collapsed and he will only be able to continue looking after one of them, which means they will be separated in one week’s time …

Black Maiden Chapter A Trailer

Chapter A synopsis:

A dual horror composed of two parts: “Q” and “A”.
“Black Maiden – Chapter A” reveals and answers to all questions you had from “Black Meiden – Chapter Q”! After all, it turns out Mei’s and Rana’s foster parents have been deriving pleasure from seeing the despairing faces of children they adopted. But what made them driving crazy? Who is “Lady Otafuku”? What are hidden powers that Mei and Rana have? And do Mei and Rana survive at the end?
Sakichi Sato became a world-renowned creator after writing the script for Takashi Miike’ s “GOZU” , which was positively received at the Cannes Film Festival. Now he is unleashing a new horror icon in these series!

Black Maiden Chapter A Trailer